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Systemic team coaching

This is our core service. Our biggest value creation. This is where real change happens.

Team coaching is the process of partnering in a co-creative and reflective process with a team and its dynamics and internal and external relationships in a way that inspires them to maximize their potential and reach their common purpose and shared goals.

Systemic team coaching is the process in which the whole team improves its collective performance and develops its collective leadership to more effectively engage with all its key stakeholders to jointly transform the wider business.

Among the various team development modalities, team coaching is the most complex, demanding, and effective, but very few coaches are capable of leading it successfully. 

We are these few. 

Systemic team coshing differs greatly from the other team development modalities you’re familiar with.

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Systemic team coaching benefits:

Enable teams to navigate the challenges of today’s hyper-complex world

Facilitate teams to work with each other and every stakeholder across the organization

Help team members think beyond themselves and their own team to consider the organization’s larger objectives as a whole

Help teams develop clarity of purpose

Help teams explore and adhere to their values and ethics

Embrace a teaming culture

Embed team-based thinking into every level of the operation - from the individual to the ecosystem - ensuring organizations stay relevant during any major transition

Help organizations fully optimize and mobilize teams in a virtual environment

Provide best practices and tools for handling complex team cases in your organization

Enable organizational adaptation so it can meet the demands of a fast-changing world

Manage expectations of all the different stakeholders

Enable the team to run and transform the business in parallel

Increase the team's capacity for working through systemic


Learning to live with multiple team memberships and belonging

'It is amazing how often you come across teams with an average intelligence of over 120, but the team functions at a collective intelligence of about 60'

Peter Senge

Systemic team coaching is the platform that enables teams with an average intelligence of 120 to function at a collective intelligence of 240 because the whole becomes bigger than the sum of its parts.

Executive 1-on-1 coaching

Our groundbreaking 1-on-1 executive coaching is different from other coaching services.

The biggest mistake organizations make when they engage executive coaches is that the coaching sessions are independent of each other. Neither the coaches nor the coachees synchronize their desired purpose, goals, values, behaviors, and strategies.  

That alone diminishes the return on investment of any coaching engagement. 

Our executive coaching is fully integrated and synchronized with the team coaching objectives. The coachees create coaching objectives that support the team, share their commitments with the team, and receive feedback from their teams as well as from other stakeholders.

That makes a huge difference. 

The executives and the team are interdependent:

  • The team depends on the members, and the members depend on the team.

  • The team shapes the members, and the members shape the team.

  • The team's growth depends on the members' growth, and the members' growth depends on the team's growth. 

That is why systemic team coaching and 1-on-1 executive coaching are always in tandem concurrently. 

Assessments confirmed that our clients’ teams doubled their leadership effectiveness in 6-18 months


Other differentiators:

Developing executives’ own sense-making processes.

Developing the capacity to engage with conflicting perspectives, viewpoints, and worldviews in challenging discussions.

Expanding the capacity to integrate opposing directions into alignment of vision and strategy.

Free the self from decades of innate behaviors, limiting beliefs, hard-wired mindsets, and subconscious assumptions.

Transcend executives in all their environments—work, home, and communities—becoming more effective leaders, spouses, and parents.

Group coaching (cohorts)

Group coaching brings together executives who don’t belong to intact teams. We offer group coaching in two scenarios:

Within the same organizations:

When top teams expand leadership development to the second leadership tier and beyond, they choose whether to engage multiple teams in team caching or bring cross-functional executives into a cohort base so they will break organizational silos.

Across organizations:

When organizations don’t engage in leadership and organizational development, some executives join cohorts of other executives from similar organizations, mostly with personal development rather than organizational development goals. 

Offsites & retreats:

We offer offsites and retreats only as part of leadership development or organizational development efforts. 

We don’t offer standalone offsites, retreats, workshops, or training

Leadership development

We drive our leadership development practice entirely on concurrent coaching - the interdependency of executive and team coaching. Our clients have found it the most effective strategy that yields the biggest impact on their investment of time. 

We stretch executives beyond what they are already good at into their growth edge, just outside the skillset and yet reachable.  

We coach in real-time business challenges around vision and strategies and join many of the ‘real’ business meetings (including board meetings).

We help construct an emotional context that encourages leaders to take bigger risks and experiment with their shifts

We emphasize underlying mindsets to uncover roadblocks to behavioral change

We facilitate reflective and introspective practices that enhance behavioral changes. 

We help leaders grow their awareness of the ‘being’ as the trigger of their ‘doing.’

Organizational development

Our organizational development practice is simple, practical, and effective.

We believe that teams are the building blocks of organizations. Therefore, TO develop the organization, we need to develop the teams that make up the organization. 

The bottom line - take everything above, and you get our organizational development approach.

We see the organization as a TEAM OF TEAMS.  

So, the organization evolves when the teams evolve. It’s common sense but not common practice.

The path to growing organizational potential starts with top leadership, continues with second-tier extended leaders, and creates a ripple effect across the organization. 

When we start at the top, the organizational potential flows through the path of least resistance because the CEO and the top team model the way.

Organizational development breaks the typical organizational silos exist in middle management and create true alignment across the organization.

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