5 Shifts Our CEO Clients Make to Create Double-Digit Business Growth, Massively Exceed Expectations and Get the Financial Rewards and Recognition They Deserve

(even if their leadership team was underperforming when started...)

In this presentation you'll discover...

  • The step-by-step strategy our CEO clients use to BOOST their team's effectiveness so they blow past projections, achieve double-digit business GROWTH
  • ​The little known secret our CEO clients use to trigger a 'ripple effect of alignment' that stops silos, turf wars and slow execution, dead in their tracks, so they create a "culture of excellence" and a team 100% focused on driving growth, without feeling like a high-priced babysitter
  • How our clients effortlessly increase, and sometimes double the Leadership Effectiveness Index of the executive team, so that they get the financial rewards they want and the recognition they deserve. 
  • How our clients use the same leadership framework as the most successful companies in the world to break free from the ‘negative growth’ cycle and start to expand at astonishing rates, even if they’ve been stuck at the same size for years
  • ​How to do ALL of this without wasting time and money on leadership development trainings that create more work (for you) and go absolutely nowhere!

Dave Osh

Dave Osh is  the founder and CEO of Varlinx and former CEO of the multinational company QNET leading 500 employees from $89M to $431M over five years.  He's known as the global performance transformation catalyst who helps CEOs struggling with slower growth or hyper growth to boost business results by increasing leadership Effectiveness. He lived in Israel, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA and he grew businesses in 34 countries.