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Join date: Nov 23, 2023


Dave is a transformative catalyst who helps leadership teams expand their full potential to become super-effective in hyper-complexity. ​​ His purpose is to expand leadership potential so that together, we create a ripple effect of unity in a divided world. ​​ Dave's leadership foundation emerged as a fighter pilot and senior leader in the Israeli Air Force. Over fifteen years, he led hundreds of missions beyond enemy lines.

He replaced his warrior identity and command and control style with love, compassion, and oneness without losing his capability to operate and coach senior leaders to excel in Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) situations. ​​ Dave's career was all around. He was a management consultant, VP of Operations, and CFO of Nasdaq-listed companies. He served as the COO and CEO of a multinational company and co-founder CEO of a tech startup. ​​ Dave worked in Israel for two decades, followed by two decades in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore, leading multinational teams in 34 countries.

Since he moved to the USA in 2016, he has worked with and certified by the world's top developmental psychologists for a few years, integrating adult/vertical development theories into a cohesive and accessible framework for transforming individuals, teams, organizations, and perhaps society.

Dave has led wide-scale leadership development efforts in global companies, coaching hundreds of leaders and teams that have made significant transformations documented in various case studies. ​ His clients transform the hard-wired default behaviors that get in the way of unitive leadership, adapt new lenses that enable them to manage polarities, see patterns and many shades of gray, hold opposite perspectives, become more expansive, and develop the capacity to see and change blind spots. ​ Dave authors the Potential Development newsletter. He’s the author of Outgrow Middle Management - Accelerate Your Climb to the Top (Morgan James Publishing, 2014) and the author of the forthcoming book CEO Capacity Indicator. ​ He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Ainsley, plays guitar, skis, hikes, works out, dances, and ‘parents’ three grown-up children (and two cats).​​​

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