Leadership Teams Have Made to Generate Double-Digit Growth in High Disruption, Complexity, and Uncertainty

In This 45-Minute Presentation You'll Discover...

  • The framework used by highly successful companies to become resourceful and creative during a crisis
  • ​How leadership teams boost their leadership effectiveness so they confidently weather-the-storm
  • ​How leadership teams defeat slow decisions and execution so they can adjust to fast-changing conditions
  • How leadership teams navigate uncharted waters without a playbook when best practices become obsolete
  • ​How leadership teams develop the capacity and capability to drive rapid growth in high complexity and disruption
  • ​​How to accomplish all of this in a minimum investment of time and get results in less than three months, even in remote teams

Dave Osh

Dave Osh is the founder and CEO of Varlinx,  a next-generation performance transformation firm that partners with leadership teams to boost business results by increasing the Leadership Team Effectiveness.
Dave is the former CEO of the multinational company QNET leading 1000 employees from $89M to $431M over five years. 
Originally from Israel, he lived for 18 years equally in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore. For the last 4 years, he has called home the San Francisco Bay Area.