Turning Misaligned Leadership Teams into High-Performing Cohesive Teams
Varlinx is a next-generation management consulting firm which is the world first Service-as-a-Software (SaaS is not a typo!).

We lead the shift from project-based, contract driven, and time propelled consulting into subscription-based, agile driven and performance propelled coaching, so that startups and mid-sized companies can cost-effectively evolve their leadership team performance and accomplish their vision.

Our mission is to evolve global leadership teams effectiveness so that together, we have a ripple effect to create unity in the world.

We believe that business leaders who transform their teams will be able to transform their staff, customers, and business partners who then will transform their staff’s staff, customers’ customers, business partners’ partners, and ultimately society around the world.
We Enable Organizations to Accomplish Extraordinary Results and Have a Ripple Effect on the World.
We Help Solving These Problems:
  •  Lack of Alignment  
  •  Business Underperformance
  •  Organizational Silos
  •  Unresolved Complexities
  •  Systemic Conflicts
  •  Strategic Polarities

We focus on the underlying human factor of strategy, value creation and execution and specialize in ecosystemic leadership team coaching of multinational businesses.
"It is amazing how often you come across teams with an average intelligence of over 120, but the team functions at a collective intelligence of about sixty."
- Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline
Integrating Collective and Individual Leadership Effectiveness 
Varlinx offers a unique methodology that overcomes most leadership development failures that focus on either leadership training, executive coaching and team building. 

We integrate Systemic Team Coaching of the collective leadership team with individual coaching of the team members. Within this integral approach, we co-create the vision narrative, align the strategic roadmap and evolve the leadership team throughout the execution of the strategy. 

360° stakeholders assessment tools measure leadership evolvement in correlation to business performance scorecards. 
Leadership Team - Individuals
Leadership Team - Collective 
Dave is the founder of Varlinx, a management consulting firm that empowers personal and organizational peak performance. Dave enables global leadership teams unlock their natural talents, behaviors and drives so that they can accomplish extraordinary results and have a ripple effect on the world.

He is also the producer and host of the CEOpeek show, a video podcast platform devoted to spreading the personal growth strategies of CEOs in the form of short, powerful interviews.

Dave had a 25-year corporate career serving as VP, CFO, COO and CEO of listed and private companies in Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States. 
Dave Osh, CEO

Dave's leadership foundation was developed in extreme conditions as a fighter pilot and air-force commander. He has taken his cockpit experiences from the briefing room to the boardroom.

Dave authored Outgrow Middle Management - Accelerate Your Climb to the Top. He is currently working on 3 new books: 
  • CEO Game Plan - How High-Potential Executives Become World Class CEOs 
  • Lift Your Team - Turn a Misaligned Leadership Team into a Cohesive One
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