Organizational Performance Checkup
Unlock Your Natural Talents so that You'll Achieve Peak Performance
The CEO Strengths Profile helps CEOs discover the WHAT, WHY and HOW of their peak performance so they can unleash their natural gifts, leverage their inner genius and avoid their ‘blind spots’ (non-talents). 

In order to truly understand what it takes to perform at maximum levels, you have to be able to measure the complete person. The CEO Strength Profile will help you understand “what” natural talents you have, “why” you are motivated to use them and “how” you prefer to use them.

Achieving peak performance requires the best alignment between these variables and the CEO leadership role. The CEO Strength profile is a "must have" tool for a board of directors for hiring, transitioning, onboarding and developing a new CEO from inside or outside the company. 
WHAT – Attributes Index
A revolutionary way to measure your natural gifts so you can increase your effectiveness with minimum effort. The profile is based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman (Yale/MIT) and is a uniquely powerful way of quantifying your natural gifts in over 80 business-related areas.
WHY – Values Index
This profile combines the work of Dr. Spranger and Allport to create the most powerful motivations profile today. Understanding WHY you do what you do is the key to understanding how to get you well aligned with work and environment that will drive your most passion. 

The most contemporary interpretation of Dr. William Marston’s groundbreaking work into understanding and measuring a person’s natural behavioral style. It is crucial for leaders and team members in an environment that requires conflict resolution. 

By better understanding these core drivers of performance, and utilizing this knowledge in hiring, onboarding and developing CEO, it’s possible to position them for extraordinary results and superior performance.  

The CEO Strengths Profile combines three of the world’s leading instruments, each specializing in measuring a specific aspect of this trifecta of human performance. 

Over 30 validation studies make the index one of the most powerful and reliable profiles today. Used by more than 300,000 executives in over 18 countries, this profile has been customized to CEOs who now can tap into their best version.

The service includes a few hours of interpretation of the results and decision on action plans.

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